Our mission is to help the world agree faster by making contracts frictionless and accessible to everyone. ~ Richard Mabey, random bloke (important?) 🤷

Helping the world agree faster includes not only the customers we serve, but also the people we bring into Juro to help us achieve our mission.

There's plenty of research to indicate that complex, ambitious goals are solved better by heterogeneous groups – people with different backgrounds from all walks of life who can bring new perspectives into the team and enrich the dynamic. So aside from being #MoreHuman, focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) when looking for new talent and when helping Jurors be at their best, in turn, helps the company #StriveToDeliver.

Inclusion is at the heart of our vision, mission and values. We are continuously expanding the steps we take to live up to own standards.

🤔 So what do we do?

Candidates can research us in all sorts of ways before they ever click that 'apply' button or respond back to our outreach. So we want all the information we have readily available.

Below is a summary of the things we're doing throughout the candidate and employee lifecycle already and what's on the map for the future:

🌈 DIB commitment