Our culture is the sum of our positive behaviours minus the sum of our negative behaviours. ~ Richard Mabey, CEO of Juro ♟️

Values at Juro are a social contract. We expect results delivered in a way consistent with Juro values. In exchange, we reward high performance.

These expectations are codified in our valued behaviours. Good values are usable, like tools. But tools for what?

Our values at a glance

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Be More Human

We’re a team, not a family. What binds us together is understanding each other as people and working toward shared goals. To do this, we value feedback, respect boundaries and help whenever we can.

**In practice, this means we:**

Keep It Simple

We’re minimalists, not maximalists. We don’t waste time or energy on nice-to-haves or over-engineering. We keep it clean and clear, and we speed up or slow down as needed to make good decisions.

**In practice, this means we:**

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Strive To Deliver

We look for output, not input. Our time is spent meaningfully — to do that, we know what our goals are and focus our time to deliver them as agreed. We don’t get stuck in busywork or vanity metrics, and we don’t make promises we can’t keep.

**In practice, this means we:**

Love The Details

We’re craftspeople, not mercenaries. Each of us deeply cares for the work that we do, and each of us strives to do it better every day. We aim for high quality with attention to detail, improve on it constantly and hold ourselves to account for what we produce.

**In practice, this means we:**

Behaviours that we value

We believe our culture is the result of behaviours exhibited over time. The behaviours we exhibit when no one is looking. It's easy to preach values, but it's hard to be consistent in these behaviours. Here’s how values can be put into practice.

<aside> 💡 If you click “Open” on any behaviour, you will find more context around:

❣️ why this behaviour is important, ⚠️ what behaviours signal a need for improvement, and 👍/👎 positive and negative examples of the behaviour in action.

We will expand “How to get better at this” with more resources over time. If you know of resources you think the team could benefit from, please message the People team so we can add it to this page.