<aside> ⭐ Building a company is hard. Building an amazing company is really, really hard. If we are to work together effectively to build a world-class organisation, we must all know why Juro exists, where we are going and how we can get there.


Mission - why we do what we do

Juro exists to help the world agree faster by making legal contracts frictionless, collaborative and accessible.

Value proposition - what we do today

Intelligent contract automation

<aside> 🤝 Businesses run on contracts. But it can take five separate tools just to process one contract.

Add in multiple internal teams, demanding negotiations, and hundreds of contracts to manage, and you have a complex system that’s zapping legal’s time with admin and creating a bottleneck to business growth.

Traditional CLMs tools aren’t fit for modern organizations. Designed to work only for legal or commercial teams, these tools are inflexible, hard to implement cross-functionally and fail to speed up time to revenue. We’re here to change that.

Juro's AI contract automation platform empowers all teams to create, agree, execute and manage contracts up to 10x faster than traditional tools.

We are the only platform specifically designed to work for both legal and commercial teams, meaning faster contracting cycles and lower business risk.


Vision - where we're going

The default platform for agreeing and managing contracts globally.

<aside> 🌐 Juro’s intelligent contract automation platform is on its way to de-throning desktop tools as the paradigm for collaborating on legal documentation around the world.

We’re doing that by rebuilding contracts from the ground-up around a browser-native experience, augmenting workflows with powerful AI and enabling all teams to conduct contracting jobs faster than ever before.


Stakeholders - who we exist for

We have three primary stakeholders - our people, our customers and our shareholders. All of our people are also shareholders in Juro and interested in Juro's long-term success.

How we balance these interests is crucial to the ethos we are building at Juro. We are clear that we are in this for the long term and are led by our mission. We believe that by: