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We want to enable Jurors to do meaningful work. This means offering employees more flexibility to work in a way that works for them.

Our choice-first work approach gives you flexibility to work remotely or hybrid from Day One, even if you live near one of our office hubs.

Our approach

**What does choice-first mean at Juro?**

Choice-first means having ****flexibility in your work arrangement with Juro.

Today, choice-first includes:

Choice-first does not mean:

<aside> ➡️ Each team works in their own way and there may be instances where parts of your flexibility may need to compromise to accommodate your team members. Sustaining our choice-first approach requires a collective commitment to mutual support.


How does our approach align with our values?

To help Juro grow faster, we need to create the best conditions for the company to succeed and enable Jurors to deliver results; that’s why we're pursuing a choice-first approach to work to:

What does this look like in practice?

We expect you to:

We do not: