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<aside> 💡 This handbook is a living collection of useful information for Jurors to help them navigate their time at Juro + for external visitors who want to see what we’re like on the inside.

Jurors: We want your feedback. If you think something is missing or you have input on how to clarify information, let us know by leaving a comment (CMD+Shift+M).

Visitors: For external visitors, some sections will appear blank/shorter as access is restricted to employees. You can look up content or keywords via the top-right search function.


$Working$ $at$ $Juro$

This section covers the heart, head and muscle of Juro: our vision, mission and values; our masterplan and OKRs (head); and how we enable our team to deliver results sustainably in line with our expectations. (Some pages in this section are hidden or restricted to external visitors.)


Who we are, why we exist and how we work together.

Why we exist

Values & behaviours


Strategy & goals

Our OKRs and KPIs to keep the team on track.

Jargon dictionary


How we enable you to deliver consistent results sustainably.

Performance framework

Meaningful work resource hub


Our people, legal and financial policies. Exciting, we know.

$What$ $you$ $get$

This section covers the four elements of our total rewards offering, i.e. what you get in exchange for making an impact: compensation, benefits, environment (a.k.a. ”flexibility”) and growth opportunities. (Some pages in this section are hidden or restricted to external visitors.)


Our philosophy and approach to compensation and equity.

Compensation framework


All the perks & benefits you have with us (varies by country).

Perks & benefits


Our philosophy and approach to within- and cross-country flexibility.

Choice-first work


Tailored onboarding & career maps for every role at Juro.

Career framework


$Life$ $at$ $Juro$

This section covers the soft- and non-work parts of life at Juro: what we offer in our office hubs; how we get together as a team; and what we’re doing to create a workplace that you can bring your whole self to. (Some pages in this section are hidden or restricted to external visitors.)


Where Juro has hubs and what you need to know when visiting one.

London hub

Riga hub


How we bring the whole team at Juro together.

Juro clubs

Juro swag