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<aside> <img src="/icons/arrow-right_gray.svg" alt="/icons/arrow-right_gray.svg" width="40px" /> This handbook is a living collection of useful information for Jurors to help them navigate their time at Juro + for external visitors who want to see what we’re like on the inside.

Jurors: We want your feedback. If you think something is missing or you have input on how to clarify information, let us know by leaving a comment.

Visitors: For external visitors, some sections will appear blank/shorter as access is restricted to employees. You can look up content or keywords using the search function.


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$Working$ $at$ $Juro$

This section covers the heart, head and muscle of Juro — our vision, mission and values; how we align; and how we enable our team to deliver results sustainably in line with our expectations.


Who we are, why we exist and how we work together.

Why we exist

Values & behaviours


Team alignment

What is expected of managers, company all-hands and key terminology.

Jargon dictionary


How we enable you to deliver consistent results sustainably.

Performance framework

Focus playbook


Our people, legal and financial policies. Exciting, we know.

$What$ $you$ $get$

This section covers the four elements of our total rewards offering, i.e. what you get in exchange for making an impact: pay, benefits, flexibility and progression.


Our philosophy and approach to compensation and equity.

Pay framework


All the perks & benefits you have with us (varies by country).

Perks & benefits


Tailored onboarding & career maps for every role at Juro.

Progression framework



Our philosophy and approach to within- and cross-country flexibility.

Choice-first work

$Life$ $at$ $Juro$

This section covers the soft- and non-work parts of life at Juro — what we offer in our office hubs; how we get together as a team; and what we’re doing to create a workplace that you can bring your whole self to.