Transparency is part of our DNA. Specifically, our Keep It Simple (read more at Be transparent).

We reinforce transparency across our operations — see a few examples by our CEO Richard here + here (Juror access only).

Even with these lived examples, transparency can be a fuzzy concept. To make this more tangible, throughout September 2023 we have been working towards our accreditation with Open Org.

This page aims to give you some more insight on how we achieved this, what it means, and why it is important.


What is an Open Org accreditation?

An accreditation highlighting Juro’s commitment to transparency across 6 key areas:

Open Orgs are companies that make a public commitment to being more transparent with how they attract, hire and retain employees. The purpose is to build more trust whilst improving things like engagement, retention and employee happiness.

Why become accredited?

Because transparency is part of our Values & behaviours.

We already live our transparency with Jurors in how we operate every day:

By becoming Open Org accredited, we are able to expand on this:

  1. Inform our ‣ to improve the company-as-a-product
  2. Build trust with current and prospective Jurors
  3. Benchmark our level of organisational transparency in the market
  4. Commit publicly to iterating on transparent ways of working

This enables our world-class team to become more successful and resilient.